Celebrate Mother’s Day at Carmelina Restaurant

Mother’s Day is here! You should plan something special for your mother.What could be better than a lunch or dinner in an elegant Italian restaurant! Our Carmelina restaurant is both unique in both its design and menu.Your mother will certainly like it. It is really a great idea to make her feel special.

Treat Your Mother to a Tasty Italian Fare at Carmelina Restaurant

We are proud to present delicious Mediterranean food. Hence, our restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate this special day.  In addition, our staff will make your experience even more special.carmelina-motherday

Nothing is better than delicious Italian meals. At Carmelina restaurant, we are proud to present delicious meals at affordable prices. Moreover, there are classic roman décor, marble pillars, luxurious seating and fireplaces. We also havesoft music, glaze and lighting effects to make your experience special.

Our popular appetizers are Bruschetta, steak salad, Mediterranean salads, grilled chicken & greens, etc. And don’t forget our impressive variety of pasta to impress your taste buds.  We have new flavored mocktails and cocktails to beat the heat.Our selection of wine will also impress you.  Some of our popular wines are Sauvignon blanc, Shiraz’ 13 McPherson, Pinot Noir, Barolo Chinato, chardonnay’ nv sycamore lane, etc.

We have team of hospitality professionals working to bring best of the Italian cuisine and experience to the visitors on Mother’s day.So, celebrate this Mother’s Day with your mother at Carmelina Restaurant. Don’t speculate and call us to reserve your table.


The Allure of Delicious Italian Pizza

Italy is the birthplace of Pizza. This delicious fast food is popular all over the world. It is one of the mostly popular meals in the entire world. From Asia to Canada, everyone loves eating pizza. It can be prepared easily, tastes great and can be customized to local tastes. It has given birth to a variety of pizza styles. And it has also made Italian restaurants popular in Canada.

The word pizza is believed to be taken from the Latin word Pinsa. It means flat bread, which explains the connection. However, there are many theories about its origin. The modern pizza was developed in Italy. In the 19th century, United States saw an increase in Italian immigrants. These immigrants also brought their delicious cuisine. As a result, pizza gained popularity in North America. Now, pizza is one of the most popular fast food items in the world.

Not all Pizza varieties are prepared equal. It is very difficult to find an authentic pizza in Markham, Canada. At Carmelina restaurant, you can enjoy the taste of real Italian Pizza. Our pizza dough is made of multi grain flour and fresh yeast. We also use extra virgin olive oil. Pizza is crispy baked in a stone heart oven. You can also order gluten free crust.

Our Popular Pizza:pizza

  • Margarita
  • Romantini
  • Mediterranean
  • Ortalano
  • Canadian
  • Quattro stagione
  • Traditionale
  • Con carne
  • Autono
  • Pizza special
  • Venetia
  • Seafood

So, Carmelina is a great place for pizza lovers. Call us to book a table. We promise a delicious Italian meal.

Why are Italian Restaurants So Popular?

Italy has always fascinated us. The beautiful landscape, exotic cuisine and ancient culture continue to mesmerize us. People specially love the amazing Italian & Mediterranean cuisine.  The Italian restaurants are very popular in Canada. In this blog, we will discuss why these restaurants are so popular among food lovers.

A Wide Variety of Finger-Licking Food:

The first attraction is the delicious cuisine. The Italian and Mediterranean cuisine is simply irresistible. These delicacies are also known for their heavenly aromas. Some examples are exotic entrees, fresh salads, gourmet pizzas, savory pastas, and much more. And you can also enjoy exotic wines with the meal. So, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Elegant Ambiance:

Italian restaurants also offer great ambiance for food lovers. You will definitely fall in love with the authentic Italian setting. The ambiance is also complemented by soft music, glaze, natural charm & lightning effects. Many restaurants also host live music events. So, these restaurants are perfect for spending time with your friends & family. These places are also ideal for group parties, meetings and special events.

Courteous Staff to Serve You:

The staff will leave no stone unturned to make you feel special. They will ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Thus, you have another reason to visit an Italian restaurant.

So, these are some reasons behind the growing fame of Italian restaurants. If you want to experience authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Thornhill & Markham, visit Carmelina restaurant. The restaurant is popular for authentic Italian cuisine, great ambiance and impressive service.

Celebrate this Valentine with Your Loved Ones at Carmelina Restaurant

Valentine day is here and you must be making plans for the love of your life. What could be better than a romantic dinner in an elegant Italian restaurant! Carmelina restaurant has planned something special for love-struck couples like you.

Enjoy Delicious Cuisines at Carmelina

Carmelina restaurant presents lip smacking cuisines, romantic ambience and live music events. So, it is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner with your partner. In addition, the staff will leave no stone unturned to make you feel special on this Valentine’s Day.

Our restaurant is known for its authentic Mediterranean cuisine. We’re certain that you will fall in love with our offerings. So, don’t think much and call us to reserve your table.

Authentic Italian Experience at Carmelina

There is something about Italy that captivates everyone’s attention. Our restaurant has an authentic Italian vibe that makes for a perfect night out. The classic Roman décor, marble pillars, luxurious seating and fireplaces are simply outstanding. The soft music, glaze and lighting effects only add to the charm. So, your special someone will fall in love with our Italian ambience and hospitality.

Our biggest strength is finger-licking food. We have a variety of cuisine items to appeal to your senses. Some of our exciting appetizers are Bruschetta, steak salad, Mediterranean salads, grilled chicken & greens, etc. We also have an impressive variety of pasta to tantalize your taste buds. Our bar has different wines to choose from. So, celebrate this Valentine with your loved one at Carmelina Restaurant. Call us to reserve your table!

Enjoy Partying at Italian Restaurant in Markham

Shopping at Markham without having Italian and Mediterranean food is incomplete for most of the shoppers. To enjoy shopping, people must explore the bustling market and have yummy delicious cuisine at Markham based Italian Restaurant. The restaurant has variety of delicious Italian cuisine that gives a great choice of selection to the customers. The menu comprises with hundreds of dishes right from breakfast to dinner.

Italian Restaurant

Here people will not only enjoy the yummy cuisine but also takes pleasure of the beautiful ambiance and decoration. The look and feel of Italian restaurant makes customers spellbound and compels them to visit the place. Apart from the common and impromptu visit at these restaurants people can plan an enjoyable party on various occasions including birthday, anniversary, farewell, office and many more. Here, people can celebrate special occasions with their close ones to make the day fun loving and special for lifetime.

People who are looking for such a nice place for any kind of celebration can visit the Italian Restaurant and enjoy the day. The restaurant is ready to organize a blasting party for their customers with the sizzling and mouthwatering cuisines. On the other hand, the arrangement done by experts will not dishearten customers as it is done excellently. People can really plan a great party at the place and have lots of fun.

Enjoy Partying with New Drinks and Favorite Snacks

Throwing a party on any occasion or special day is not everyone’s cup of tea. A party is a combination of snacks/dinner, drinks and music. Without any of these things, the party remains incomplete. Having delicious snacks and refreshing drinks with the near and dear ones makes the party enjoyable and memorable. Selecting the snacks over the party is not a big deal as people eventually takes their favorite dishes but when it comes to drinks then people get a little bit confused due to the variety of old and fresh boozes of diverse brands.

Enjoy Partying with New Drinks and Favorite Snacks

In most of the parties people get a variety of beer, wine, and champagnes. It is believed that beer considered as man’s drink and wine as woman’s drink. As both these drinks are quite different in tastes so, they both have their own importance. Although wine considers as drink for women but that doesn’t mean that every wine is light and men can’t have it. It has observed that few wines contain approx 5x to 7x of alcohol which is greater than the percentage of alcohol available in beer. Thus, considering which drink is for male and female is not the way of partying as it is all about to have fun with new tastes, flavors and music.

Now after knowing the difference between wine and beer, people who are looking to try wine on the party can go for some wines such as Whites, Rose, Reds, Bold wine, dessert wine, light wine and many more. Each of these wines available in diverse Oz. The lower the Oz of wine the less the energy it contains. The higher the Oz of the wine the higher the energy level it contains. In this way, people on their own can select their most appropriate wine for the party. People who are trying wine for the very first time can try that wine which contains less percentage of alcohol and Oz. Just try it once and make the party memorable and enjoyable too.

Enjoy Special Celebration and Dining at Carmelina Restaurant on Father’s Day

Get Set Go, is a popular saying which sounds great in racing competition but here with the running time it is quite an appropriate saying for those who are planning to celebrate father’s day. To make all planning successful before the arrival of father’s day, such inspiring and enthusiastic saying help people a lot to get it done easily. Otherwise aiming high becomes worst when people don’t perform appropriately. Apart from working hard on your own, Carmelina Restaurant has also emerged to participate enthusiastically and make it a great day for families. Along with other preparations on father’s day celebration kids can plan a surprise dining with their family. It is really a great idea to make him feel special and cheerful as the restaurant has also come up with some great arrangements and planning to make it a great day for all.

Special list of cuisines, drinks, music, delightful ambiance, etc.are planned for the day. The entire staff of the restaurant is working together for the warm welcome and great hospitality. On the other hand special team of chefs has planned a list of delicious cuisines that will bring a great choice for the customers to pick the desirable one. Booze lovers will get some quenching and new flavored mocktails and cocktails to beat the heat. Special starter is also in the list. Entire team of professionals is working efficiently to bring best of the service and experience to the visitors on the special day.

To really make it a big success, people can join their hands with Carmelina Restaurant as the special menu and arrangements will certainly win the heart of the visitors. Without waiting much just pick your phone and call us now at 905-477-7744 to book the table for the day. Advance booking for the table is open from now. So, hurry in booking the table before it gets full.

Carmelina Restaurant welcomes to Celebrate Mother’s day wonderfully

Get ready folks, time has come to show your love and care to your mom on a Special Occasion i.e. Mother’s day.

carmelina Mother's day

Celebrate the mother’s day amazingly at Carmelina Restaurant – the best place for partying. In our entire life, mother plays a crucial role. Right from you opened your eyes, she remains like a shadow beside us and support us to lead the life in better and brilliant manner. Now, the time has come when you have to give her pleasure for all her love, affection, care, tender, concern, sacrifices, understanding, support and endless efforts. To make your mother feel special and pleased, you can make mother’s day celebration special for her. The day can be celebrated by full of surprises, special arrangements, love, care, and tender.

Visiting Carmelina Restaurant on mother’s day will be a good idea to celebrate the day brilliantly and let her feel special and awesome. The restaurant has come up with special menu for the day, which will be another big surprise for your mother. To make this day special, some special brilliant arrangements are made by the restaurant people. Right from restaurant décor to its special menu, everything is dedicated to all mothers. Carmelina restaurant would like to participate equally like kids to thank all mothers for the wonderful world.

Special Live Music and breakfast, lunch, dinner are arranged for Mothers, so bring your mom with you to give pleasant surprise to her. We are glad to make your special day celebration brilliant with our amazing service and arrangements.

Make your New Year celebration memorable with your favorite restaurants

Just after the sounds of jingle bell from the Christmas celebrations, people gear-up & plan for the upcoming New Year bash. The excitement of the New Year approaching, brings joy and happiness often with a dilemma with where and how to bid adieu to the current year and welcome the New Year. As restaurant very well understand the feeling and huge excitement of people for the New Year, the eatery industry come up with some new plans & offers for their customers each year.

Restaurants located in Markham and Richmond Hill are planning to make this upcoming New Year ’s Day filled with lots of fun and entertainment. Parties are all about having fun, with delicious cuisine, music and booze and these restaurants are planning to bring all these in their party and promise to serve a great bash for their guests. Special arrangements are made for the day which includes special cuisine, variety of booze, decoration, fun activities and fine dining. All these arrangements are made by keeping all essential requirements of their guests in mind.

This New Year, people can have lots of fun in some of these famous restaurants with such special arrangements. As these restaurants also have live music program on regular days, special music pieces and events are also being planned to offer something new to their customers this New Year. The people living in the nearby areas of Richmond Hill and Markham have a great chance to be a part of an amazing celebration on the New Year ’s Day with their friends and family. It is recommended that you reserve your seats early enough rather than be sorry later.

People who are planning to organize a private party can also consult these restaurants located in Markham or Richmond Hill as they have special arrangements and can customize the party celebrations as per your requirement. The organizers take the accountability to meet the need and promise to provide a wonderful experience to their clients and guests. The experienced restaurant staff and managers assure to bring a great arrangement for New Year bash on special demand of private party. So, don’t miss the chance – Just plan and welcome the New Year in a memorable way with these restaurants.

Pocket Your Italian Restaurant Mobile App for FREE

Carmelina restaurant in current trend has introduced a smart and ingenious restaurant application to amplify customer engagement brilliantly. This mobile app has blend of unique features that offers user an excellent and comfy experience. The app enable customers to access the details of the restaurant within seconds and get updated with the current activities and special arrangements offered by Carmelina. It also allows customers to book or reserve their table in advance for their special celebration. Android, smartphone, windows phone user are lucky to use this application for comfortable dining experience in family restaurant.

carmelina restaurant app menu

The app brought number of features for wonderful customer experience lets have a look on its features:

About us: About us page of the app connects customers by heart as it offers great info about the restaurant and its ultimate customer service. Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are other icons available on the page that keep the customers updated with all new activities of the restaurant.

carmelina restaurant about us for app

Menu: Menu section is available for all Food lovers that grab the attention on all tempting eatables and booze. The simple tap on menu will take the user to sub menu sections. Each menu section carries a variety of mouthwatering dishes along with the price.

Carmelina Restaurant App - Menu Page

Carmelina Restaurant App – Menu Page

Gallery: The gallery section of the app allows the user to have a look on all variety of delicious cuisine, exotic drinks and lovely ambiance of the restaurant for lovely dining, partying and family gathering experience. The original pictures of the restaurant will compel customers to visit the place as soon as possible.

carmelina restaurant app - Gallery images menu

Contact us: The Contact us page of the app provide phone number and email address to get exact information about how to contact or connect to restaurant people within seconds.

Carmelina restaurant app contact page

Route: Route of the restaurant is available on the app, so that customers don’t get any difficulty in reaching the place.

carmelina restaurant route location app page

Easy access: To make an order via call or it will keep you connected with facebook, twitter and YouTube links.

Compatibility: The app is designed for iOS and Android handheld device. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. iPod user can use this app if they have 3rd generation, 4th generation and 5th generation.

The Carmelina restaurant app is also found the best resource as it is able to quickly locate an eatery “Carmelina” in Markham city in Ontario State being a close proximity, especially if you’re in unfamiliar to the territory.

FREE Download NOW:

iphone app of carmelina restaurant at itunes storeandroid app of carmelina restaurant at google play store